Monday, June 20, 2011


 This weekend we had the opportunity to scavenge a barn.
This is a great old Texaco sign.
 Galvanized cans are always on our list.
 Skull, horns, bed springs, misc rusty metal.
The red piece is the front to an old RC Cola Machine.
We hope to find the rest of the machine in another barn.
 This is a very small Chevrolet tail gate.
We were told it was a custom built pickup bed.
I can't wait to see it cleaned up.
 Andy is really big into wooden boxes right now.
He has tons stored up.  Get ready Warrenton, he's trying to figure out a really cool display.
 I am loving this yellow wooden chair.
It needs a good cleaning also.
More rusty metal and bats for the collection.

We have lots of work to do.  Still sorting and cleaning items from the estate we scored.  Too much to photograph at this time.  2 storage units full! Need to get it out of there before it eats up all our profit!


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