Monday, March 28, 2011

Warrenton Texas Spring 2011

 Here are some shots of our space in Warrenton.

 Andy's spring gazebo was a hit!
 His water facet art looks fabulous.
 Dry sink/potting table  Sold!

 Porcelain French house numbers
 Awesome massive trunk/suitcase
 Great little basket of old bottles of medicine
More art work - old electrical wire with bottles added.

What fun we have had!  But mostly we are flat worn out!
Soon I will show you my favorite purchase at the show.  Also, Andy's wonderful piece of art that will be at Marburger. 
Thanks to everyone for making it a great show.


Jennifer said...

It looks great. Sell lots of 'cool junk'!!!

craftymarta said...

Susan, I missed you again! It was so good to see Andy up and going, he looked so good and I can tell he was happy to be there. The space looked great and I got some amazing stuff, cheap, which was a blessing. I specially loved the recycling of the ranch " weeds" (prickly pear and the cactus nest looking thing) . I got some of that and I love it all. i hope you got an amazing show and tat your treasure hunting get you some great stuff. Blessings, Marta.

NancyO. said...

New follower here...if you have any of the 206 house numbers left from the show, I'd like to talk to you about purchasing...THANKS!!

Found Around said...

Nancy, I didn't get your e-mail address. Please get back with me and I'll converse about the 206. Susan

Sisters Treasures said...

Susan, I'm glad you're doing so well. your booth looks great and I love Andy's art! I hope you guys are still there on Friday because I have taken that day off and plan to come over there. Maybe, just MAYBE Willie is thinking of coming with me. We'll be sure and come by and say Hi. Betsy

Curious Goods said...

Guys ~~ It looks PERFECT as usual. I love love love it! Obligations have kept me home but part of my eart is there cheering you on. Hug Renee for me!

NancyO. said...

Hi, Susan,
I have emailed you at the email address regarding the house numbers. Thanks and love your blog!

Miss Gracie's House said...

GREAT cool stuff!