Sunday, August 8, 2010


I told Andy a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to bring my metal table and chairs that were out at Fred's World back to the house so we could have a place to sit and enjoy coffee and evenings outside.  I love to eat outside.  I know it's really hot right now, but we eat late anyway.  

Well, I found this great little set this weekend at a yard sale.  Perfect!  I think it will even fit on the front porch.  We'll see about that, but for now, I've already enjoyed my cup of coffee!

It's time to get very serious about Warrenton.  It is so hot, but I bet we get it done.  We have so much stuff this time - we need more space.  I'm off to clean some things.   Soon.....Susan


sassytrash said...

How cool that you found a lawn set when you needed one! That rarely happens to me! Love it!

kids furniture said...

Wow! It's nice that you thought of that idea. It's really great to have a place to hang out with your family and friends. Nice blog!

joven said...

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