Monday, June 7, 2010


We had a terrible hail storm last week.  I got a call from our neighbor that it was coming.  I ran out to the pickup just as it hit.  I was going to go downtown and get under the awning at the old station.  On the way to town, our poor old dog Scooter was running home being bombed like crazy.  I pulled over and let him in the vehicle with me.  Man, wet stinky dogs!!  We then headed back toward town.  By the time we got there it was really hitting hard.  It hailed for a solid 40 minutes.  Anywhere from nickel, quarter and golf ball size hail.  Coming from every direction.  The wind was bad too.  Just yards behind us a huge old tree was uprooted.  Many in a little strip headed toward our house were a mess.  When we finally got home, our pump house was overturned and the pressure tank was broken off the pipe.  No water!  Great!  A piece of siding was even off the side of the house.  There are dead leaves and limbs all over town.  I don't think we will ever get it all cleaned up.  All our vehicles have damage. 
I had just been to the nursery where Lacy works the 
weekend before and bought some new plants to make a flower bed.  Needless to say they all look very sad.  I'm embarrassed to even show you a photo of them.  They look like they haven't been attended to. 

Here is what's left of our tomato and pepper plants.  The peppers have been abundantly producing for quite a while now and we were just getting small tomatoes.  I think most of the tomatoes will come back, but I'm not sure about the peppers.  

We've been working on our rent house in Cherokee for a new tenant.  
Glad that's all done, now I'm moving on to the next one in San Saba. 

Somewhere in here I need to prepare for our new space at the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  We have rented a space in a barn.  I've got it mostly all in my head, but getting it all layed out is the big part.  Andy said to just leave that up to him.  I will have faith.  He always comes through. 

Check back soon to see photos of our latest finds.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

We are coming out next month to check out the Fredericksburg show, I'll look you up. Glad you all are safe.

texasjunqueslinger said...

So sorry for all the mess.... Gotta love the weather...., glad you didn't get hurt.... What barn are you in at Fred??? I was in Barn 1 it was fun!!!

Take care and hope you don't have a repeat of last week's storm.


time-worn interiors said...

Girl, Texas has had the craziest weather this year! Glad you are ok, and thanks for saving the stinky dog!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ahh. A true Texan: Save the truck. Save the dog. Worry over the gardens. And I am ready to see the junk when you are ready to show it! ~Mindy