Friday, June 18, 2010

Fredericksburg Trade Days

We have our booth set up now in Fredericksburg.  We got home last night at midnight!  It takes so much work and we really didn't have that much merchandise.  Hot, sweaty and stinky we were!  I hope sea shells are hot now, I've ended up with quite a few.  I just love the stripped chair.  I have really enjoyed working with the lavender.  I hope it sells well. If not, my house will sure smell good!  Come see us in Barn 4, space 20 this weekend.  Soon....Susan


craftymarta said...

Susan, you are certainly a courageous woman married to a courageous men. That show gets so hot in the summer that I will be praying you can survive the heat. It can get up to 115 degrees inside those barns, I know because I almost die of a heat stroke years ago attempting to do that. I hope you are getting some breeze in there. I usually shop there when is cooler. Good luck with your sales, hopefully you get some Texas hardcore heat love shoppers. Blessings, Marta.

lulu redstar said...

Dang it all...I THINK IT LOOKS GREAT! I can't smell you in GA so it cain't be THAT the cattlemen's assoc sign...and that chair is de-lish....your lavender will be a hit! shells NEVEr go out of style just in and out of the tides! kisses to you...kisses to Cowboy Andy.
and where is my bag o'goodies? hmmm? hmm?hmmm? I'm just sayin...

Sares said...

How fun! It can take forever to set things up if you like to tinker and put everything just so! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me Birthday wishes, you are welcome ANY time!

time-worn interiors said...

I hope you guys had a great show! Everything looks fabulous! I love sea shells!

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