Friday, April 30, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

Recently we headed to an estate auction. It was a Dr.'s estate and he had lots of medical equipment and related items.

Andy bought all of the medical books. (Renee you would have really liked this stuff). Later he scored the lawyer book cases. He really wants to keep them but they should really be for sale. He will probably end up with them for Father's Day, but don't tell him!

Blood pressure kit. Not sure of the correct name.

This was my favorite purchase from the Dr's estate.

This wonderful goddess fountain.

Here's her base - see the fish at the bottom.

Many many more goodies were had here. Can't even begin to take photos of it all.
It's all unloaded now and packed tight. Now I'm still going through my Lometa estate sale loot. I've already acquired 3 trash bags full of vintage clothing to be washed up. There are some real beauties there along with lots of fun things too. I think it will take forever to sort through it all.
I'm working on another post for a later time. Maybe I won't be so far between.

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