Friday, April 30, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

Recently we headed to an estate auction. It was a Dr.'s estate and he had lots of medical equipment and related items.

Andy bought all of the medical books. (Renee you would have really liked this stuff). Later he scored the lawyer book cases. He really wants to keep them but they should really be for sale. He will probably end up with them for Father's Day, but don't tell him!

Blood pressure kit. Not sure of the correct name.

This was my favorite purchase from the Dr's estate.

This wonderful goddess fountain.

Here's her base - see the fish at the bottom.

Many many more goodies were had here. Can't even begin to take photos of it all.
It's all unloaded now and packed tight. Now I'm still going through my Lometa estate sale loot. I've already acquired 3 trash bags full of vintage clothing to be washed up. There are some real beauties there along with lots of fun things too. I think it will take forever to sort through it all.
I'm working on another post for a later time. Maybe I won't be so far between.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My name is Susan.....

And I'm a junkaholic.....!!!!!??????? This is my final purchase at the estate sale on Saturday. The cashier let me know that all the barrels that they had used to make tables were full of things. " What" I asked, quilts, linens, clothing, papers, photos, etc. Many of these barrels had been dumped in the garage to be sorted. When they ran out of time before the sale, they just shut the door. I asked to see and quickly called Andy. He told me that he wasn't there and couldn't see it all and I would have to make the decision on my own. Well, I went with my gut feeling and told them I would purchase the contents of the building for a minimal fee. Locked the door and left. Below are a few shots I took before I left.

Box of Sweet Heart soaps

Old suitecase - is it full? or empty?

Barrel filled with clothing. Anxious to see what all I ended up with, we headed back over there Tuesday afternoon and started pilfering. Wow!!!! Tons of stuff, galore - and yes, well worth my offer. Lots of dirty work - but someone's got to do it! I will take photos as we come along. There's just way too much to go through.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Huge Estate Sale

Friday morning I headed out early to an estate sale. I loaded up quite a bit and headed back to work. I couldn't photograph all of it and I've even sold some already. I found these 3 great platters in the garage.

A pair of great bark cloth curtains.

18 vintage hats

Great pair of lamps

vintage clothing

Shell mirror.

12 vintagle slips

Wacky girl! (SOLD)

Jar of buttons

Turkey platter, vintage jewelry, 3 pillar planters, a pile of old horns, a great little white cabinet (SOLD). I had the best time, but had to cut it short to get back to work. I asked the cashier if they would be marking down prices. She said yes, Saturday after lunch. So you know me, after work I headed back for the bargains. And, yes they were bargains. After I had the pickup full for the second time now, they were getting tired and really making the deals. Stay tuned for tomorrow for the rest of the storey........Susan

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fred's finds

Andy found this fantastic sign last week. It is REAL big. I had a hard time photographing it while it was laying down. Nice old porcelain sign with lights. Most are broken, but great piece. If you know anyone who collects them, please have them give us a buzz.

This is some type of old feeder.

2 large feed troughs - may be used for industrial tables. They are upside down on the trailer.

This old chair is awesome. Completely metal

even the seat!


More springs, and misc.

He loves galvanized items too! Can you tell.
He's ready to head to a sell somewhere. Haven't decided where yet.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recent Junk Finds

Man! Is it the beautiful spring weather or the wonderful Warrenton sales that we had that is giving us junkin' fever! I recently found these wonderful white, metal candelabras. Perfectly rusted and chipped!


That is a small roll of brown craft paper

I love these little plaques. They are ceramic. So cute!

These candle sticks are the cutest. Real sticks. Yes, they are wooden.

This little metal tray is the best! Wouldn't we all love to have those jars. Notice the burlap as a table cover.

And all these great Readers Digest books. The covers are all just wonderful designs. I will work on a project with them. Boy I've been having lots of fun. I even bought a few furniture pieces this afternoon. Didn't get them photographed yet. Check back tomorrow because Andy has a trailer load of goodies to show you.

Elton John Concert

This past Saturday, my friend Lynn and my mom rode with me to Austin to the Elton John Concert. It was a great time! Bless his heart - he was like the little Everyready Bunny. He just kept going and going and going! He played for 3 hours non stop. Played all his songs. Great show!