Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, after a great attempt to get semi-set up, Warrenton is in full swing. We arrived on Thursday and after the wind and bad weather hit on Saturday morning, we decided to just go home and round up another load. We went back on Sunday morning with a BIG load. (See the photo below of the hardware bins.) Here are a couple of photos of the booth so far. Andy brought be back home last night and will be going back today. I will be back on Friday evening for the weekend to help out. I never seem to get the booth the way I want it before I have to come back to work.

I was already out of a several nests before I shot this photo, so it looks a little bare.
Flower props courtesy of Renee and Barbara next door.

Here are the hardware bins. Sorry this photo is blury. They are big and HEAVY. We had help loading up 4 of these babies. 2 are sold! YEHAW! The others are still on the trailer waiting for their new home. Hopefully this week and weekend the weather will hold up for us so we can have a great show. So far, so GOOD!!!! Come see us in the BAR W FIELD at Warrenton. Soon.....Susan


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

The wind and the rain were bringing back VERY bad memories, like the last Warrenton! See you later in the week, T

craftymarta said...

Susan, I hope you get to have a wonderful show without the hardships of prior years. The spring show weather have been very unpredictable before, almost catastrophic for some. I will pray for good weather, you all work so hard and really deserved the blessing, see you Friday, Marta.