Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tour of Homes

Here is the tour of the McWilliams home I had promised earlier. I could have posted sooner, but I had misplaced the photos. This home was built with many salvaged architectural pieces through out. This front door is fantastic! Massive!

This little red shelf unit was in the little mud room.

An old porch post used at the corner of the walk in shower.

This is the grandson's room. Lots of old lumber used in here.

My favorite place. The photo is not good, but this built in day bed has shelving on both ends. TV on one end. The window and view are just wonderful. Who would ever want to leave this spot.

Wonderful deer antler hat rack

Massive fireplace

My favorite room. This little bunk room is great! Built in beds and multi-colored lumber on the ceiling. Windows all on the back side.

And the back porch - The railing is made out of different salvaged metal art pieces. This may be hard to see. Remember, you can click on a photo to enlarge it. Hope you enjoy - I sure did!


thegypsychic said...

Ahhh, that front door is awesome! I would love to use old architectural salvage pieces when we build our house. My cousin reused a beautiful school house door as her front door and I just love it.
Anyway, I just discovered your blog and thought that I would say hello. I just love finding Texas blogs, especially ones in my area.

The Tin Rabbit said...

Gorgeous Home

Kim Smith said...

Hi! I surged in and found your blog. I do a Traveler Thursday spot over at my blog and I am selecting yours for my spot. Thanks for sharing all your pics and stuff. Great blog!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Wow! From the walk in shower to the antler hat rack, to the well, heck. Everything! It is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. ~Mindy

craftymarta said...

Susan, i will see you in Warrenton. Get a lot of good junk so I can buy some,Blessings, Marta.