Monday, January 11, 2010

New babies and a New Year

Our neighbor called last week and told us to load the girls up and bring them down to see the new babies. Morgan tried and tried to get him (the baby donkey) to come to her. She was calling him like a dog. So cute! I wish you could see the big ole pout on her face when he wouldn't mind. I thought her bottom lip was gonna end up in the dirt! Here she is giving up.

He was jumping up and down. So cute!

We couldn't get the baby llama to stand up.

Here he is with mom.

Dad didn't like us at all. He is mean. He kept spitting at us.
Don't worry, we didn't go in the same pen he was in.
This is just part of the wonderful rural area we live in.

Tomorrow I will try and post the home of our new friends the McWilliams. They built a new home using repurposed and fantastic architectural pieces all throughout their home. They were on the Christmas Tour of Homes and she asked me to take photos and send them to her.


craftymarta said...

Hello Susan. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Babies everywhere. It doesn't get sweeter than that. One ?. You mentioned your husband read Magnolia Pearl's book with you. Is that for real? I will have to pull teeth before my husband will participate of anything like that. So, he just look tuff, ah?(just kidding) Blessings, Marta.

lulu redstar said...

I'm baaaaaaaaack! just find a second and come say 'hey'. great to be back in Blogistan!
love the header! and you guys too.