Sunday, January 31, 2010


For years, Colt has stalked and tried to kill some of the ducks on the pond behind our home. Decades ago, this pond was always loaded with many different duck breeds and lots of bird watchers would come lurk. I guess that's why it's not called a tank (that's pond in Texas slang) .
One of my favorite stories of his stalking was when he was still in high school. One afternoon I looked out my bedroom window and could see something red in the pasture. After a closer look, I could tell that someone had parked on the highway and was slowly making their way to the pond. Once they got closer I could tell it was the boys. His friend was wearing a bright red shirt! I don't know how they thought they could sneak up. They were always hunting or fishing. What a wonderful place to raise my children. No video games, etc. just pure country! I wouldn't take for any of it.

He got 2 birds with 3 shots. Not bad. He said he finally figured out you've got to have the right gun!

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lulu redstar said...

quack! I have a great recipe if you want it. I love duck. ox