Monday, September 28, 2009

One Week Down - One Week To Go

Here are a few shots from our space. It has been quite picked over (if you can believe it!)

Sunday was leather star day!

There's Fred!

Sorry, a couple of photos were blurry. I love this little cabinet.

This is John, he bought the vintage western suite I had.

We is going to wear it to a party. Not the "prom" though.

You still have this week left to shop. There are still tons of things to grab up! We will be slashing prices later in the week! Soon....Susan


The Texas Woman said...

Enjoyed seeing you two at Theresa's blog party. Susan, you look amazing. You should be a real model, not just a role model! And Andy, I loved the boots you made. Can't wait to see more. By the time I've saved my pennies for my own pair, you'll have all your back-orders done and delivered!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Now I am just sick that I didn't get to come see your space. Wonderful stuff!!! Maybe I'll figure out how to sneak off next show. ~Mindy