Monday, September 7, 2009

More Junk!

OK, Now here are a few things I found this week. First, I just need to let you know that this is my studio (or I call it the junk room). It is far from the extravagant and ultra organized studios I've seen posted recently. My recent find is the chalkware piggy bank. He is in very used condition, but he still has the cork holding his stash inside.

I fell in love with this mechanical monkey. Owner told me he worked. I haven't added batteries yet to see for sure. I hope so.

I loved this old painting. Picked up some old frames. I have a fetish for these I'm discovering. The two caricatures are so cute. Three ironstone platters, a small religious cross, vintage fruit, old brushes, mechanical kitty cat. This is all I found this week, but Andy came home yesterday with a pickup load of his favorites - rusty, crusty, metal. We have worked (Labored) the last two days on loading the trailers. I don't know how many trips we're going to make to get get all this stuff to the BIG SHOW! WHY DO WE KEEP BRINGING THIS STUFF HOME!! We are so addicted to JUNK!!! Have a great Labor Day. Susan


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That monkey is too cute. See you soon!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Great stuff! Listen here. We took a load this weekend and plan on taking 2 pickups and 2 trailers when we go back. All of this stuff for a 10 x 20 space. Holy cow. Don't I need a 40 x 40 for all this??? Looking forward to seeing y'all! ~Mindy

Barbara said...

Susan, Love the Little Monkey.
I am so sorry I am going to miss all the doings in Round Top and Warrenton. We are headed to Virginia for a week. I will be there next time, hope it is a great time for all of you.