Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here are a few shots of some new smalls I found. A great mountain scene (I love the colors for fall), a knitting basket, ironstone platter, John and Robert Kennedy print, a paint by number Lords Supper framed, a cute wire basket and 2 California winemakers recipe books.

This adorable mink jacket.

Really cute vintage pant suit.

4 decks of playing cards

A stack of 1987 Country Living magazines. I'm curious to see what the styles were back then.

I have to tell you a junkin' story about an auction. Our neighbor Tammy and I went to scope out an upcoming auction. As we all do, we picked out our boxes, covered up all the good stuff, and stuck them back in the corner. Since I wasn't able to be there I put my initials on 3 boxes so she would know which ones were mine. The next day she called and mentioned that some of our boxes had been moved around and that someone elses initials were on one of my boxes. I told her not to worry about it. If I didn't get the box it just wasn't meant to be. Now, since I'm the best customer of our local thift store, when there is something vintage they know I will like, they give me a call to come look. I found this really great ironstone platter still in the box. I grabbed it up (amoung other items) and headed home. Once home, I grabbed the platter to check it out really good and then I looked down at the box. There were my initials on the box along with JR initials also. Today at work, my friend Julie Robertson stopped in and told me about the box she had bought with platters in it. AAHH!! Those were her intials on my box!! She had only wanted the pink platter and donated the remaining items to the thrift store. Can you believe how things come back around to you. That's a God thing if you ask me. It was meant to be. Sorry this is so long but thought you might enjoy the situation. Soon....Susan

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall 2009 Blog Party

Lulu You Missed Out!
Cher and Teresa

Cat Daddy and Deb - thanks for the coozies! Prrrr.....

Renee and Debbie

Stan Williams at the book signing table.
He wrote "The Find". Of course we always have to
get our books.

We all had a great time! Teresa Cano is always the most gracious hostess!
I'm sorry I couldn't have stayed any longer, but duty called.

One Week Down - One Week To Go

Here are a few shots from our space. It has been quite picked over (if you can believe it!)

Sunday was leather star day!

There's Fred!

Sorry, a couple of photos were blurry. I love this little cabinet.

This is John, he bought the vintage western suite I had.

We is going to wear it to a party. Not the "prom" though.

You still have this week left to shop. There are still tons of things to grab up! We will be slashing prices later in the week! Soon....Susan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

There you are!

Glad to see you all reappeared! Don't know what happened, but I'm glad you are back with us. Susan

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Format

Thought I would add a new photo in my header. Then I decided I needed to change my colors to match the photo. I like the way it looks, but now I have lost my "Followers". I don't know where you all went! Does anyone have any ideas how I can find you?! I'm thinking it has to do with the new template, but just haven't figured that out yet! We've been doing well at Warrenton. Hopefully all the rain is over and the rest of the week will be beautiful. I can't wait to get back there on Friday evening. I'll take pictures this time! Soon....Susan

Monday, September 21, 2009


After 4 trailer loads to Warrenton. We are finally beginning to get our space organized. Many, many thanks to Rene for helping us arrange and decorate. I knew she couldn't stay away! Just like the rest of us. We just can't get it out of our blood. You won't believe that I never even took the time to take photos. I promise this weekend I'll get a few shots. I will say that we have tons and tons of smalls. Making good deals too. Head on out and check it all out. For anyone interested in my note card line and haven't seen my previous posts here are photos of them. I can wholesale to dealers, so just e-mail me if you are interested. Soon.....Susan
P.S. I was glad to meet so many new friends and seeing all our old friends was just fantastic!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I realized I haven't mentioned all the wonderful vintage clothing I have rounded up. Lots of beautiful vintage slips, and fantastic lingerie.
Some really great swing dresses

Vintage suits

I've acquired quite a collection now. And, I almost forgot to mention lots of new costume jewelry. I'm also bringing my new note card line. I'm pretty sure all you ladies are going to have a really BIG time in our booth this show. We will start arriving on the 16th. Meaning we will make a couple of trips. If you miss us, please ask our neighbors or please try and come back by. Like I said earlier - we must clear out lots of great items! This will probably be my last post before the show, so "we'll see you at the big show". Susan

Monday, September 7, 2009

More Junk!

OK, Now here are a few things I found this week. First, I just need to let you know that this is my studio (or I call it the junk room). It is far from the extravagant and ultra organized studios I've seen posted recently. My recent find is the chalkware piggy bank. He is in very used condition, but he still has the cork holding his stash inside.

I fell in love with this mechanical monkey. Owner told me he worked. I haven't added batteries yet to see for sure. I hope so.

I loved this old painting. Picked up some old frames. I have a fetish for these I'm discovering. The two caricatures are so cute. Three ironstone platters, a small religious cross, vintage fruit, old brushes, mechanical kitty cat. This is all I found this week, but Andy came home yesterday with a pickup load of his favorites - rusty, crusty, metal. We have worked (Labored) the last two days on loading the trailers. I don't know how many trips we're going to make to get get all this stuff to the BIG SHOW! WHY DO WE KEEP BRINGING THIS STUFF HOME!! We are so addicted to JUNK!!! Have a great Labor Day. Susan

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Saturday morning, waaaayy tooo early, he headed out for St. Jo, Texas. Andy and Colt had previously attended the C.T. (Carl) Chappell Boot School.

They loaded lots of BIG & HEAVY equipment.

This was a pair of vintage boots on the shelf at the school. I love the stitching on these.

Front entrance to the school building.

Enjoy all these boots made by Carl Chappell. They were all displayed in his shop. He has won several awards for his craftsmanship. I hope my guys get this good some day. I'm confident they will.

These boots were made by a woman student. (Not finished yet) Beautiful!

Carl offers a class on making mules.

These were definitely my favorites. I love the lime green - one of my favorite colors. These won an award. They are made from African Bullfrog!!

So now the equipment has landed into the building across the street from the saddle shop. It was all too big and too heavy for the floors in the shop. So....out with all our junk storage and into the trailersssss for a really big, whopping, cheap sale at Warrenton. Stay tuned for what we do with it after the Warrenton show. You better make the show to get some of these great bargains. Besides that, you will have a wonderful time. I promise. Soon...Susan