Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm still working on re-arranging my house.
Here's a partial shot of my primitive dining room collection

Andy sent me this old farrier's box to put my string collection in.
Along with that he added some of the thread spools
from a saddle and boot shop he bought out years ago

See the big round ball. That came from my grandfather's garage.
Isn't it cool! He had quite a collection of string himself.
He was an avid fisherman and there was plenty of fun things in his special place.
I miss him, especially his wonderful whistling. He could yodel too.
I'm still working on the house and I promise I will send more shots
after I get all the pictures on the walls.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's Morgan with her "Pa" (Granddad on the other side of the family). He has this great old carraige. He led the family through the parade.
Here's her "monkey face"! What a beautiful buggy.

Also tagging along were Caelob, (Morgan's uncle) and Mom Lacy. Jaec jumped in at the last minute for the parade, but I don't have photos of him.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I learned a valuable lesson this past weekend.
I'm getting too old to sit out in the heat! Yes, Spring Ho was miserable.
Here are a few shots from my space.
If you see anything you like just let me know, I probably still have it.

Sister, Dana, brought in a some nice flip flops - good prices too!
On sale for $30.00 a pair. More info just give me a call.

I have acquired a rack of vintage clothing. It has been fun putting it all together.

My new note card line - I love the display rack Andy bought me!
Better run, I'm helping Andy & Colt at the shop this evening - boots, boots, boots!!!
Equipment arriving soon!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's just all work around here!

Rayleigh is almost 7 months now. Just pulling up. Won't be long and we'll be chasing two of them!

I snapped this photo one day during lunch. The girls came over Saturday to enjoy the 5 minute parade we had in Cherokee. It took them longer to get to Cherokee than it did for the big show. And they were off again. Andy and I worked downtown all day. I took a leap of faith and rented booth space at the Lampasas Spring Ho Festival. I worked all day picking out what I wanted to take and loading the trailer. I still have several things I want to craft up before I leave. I am taking all girly stuff. Fun, funky and vintage. If you are headed that way, please stop in and say hello. I'll let you know how it goes. Soon... Susan