Sunday, June 7, 2009


We loved receiving this thank you card for the graduation gift. If you can't make out the writing it goes like this: "Dear Fred & Susan, Thank you for the pearl-snap shirt. Love, Carter" No where else but Texas!
Good luck Carter, Fred & Susan


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

This cracks me up. Y'all are some fine peeps, giving out pearl snap shirts for graduation. That beats a beach towel any day. ~Mindy

Barbara said...

Hello, So happy to find another Texas blogger, I will return and read some of your post, please come and visit me and add me to you list,\

curiousgoods said...

Hi Friends,
I just had to share that my 15 y.o. daughter is visiting a friend near Austin. Today she went to South Congress shopping at Uncommon Objects and Lucy in Disguise. She was wearing Boots, jeans, a vintage pearl snap guys shirt, and a turquoise tutu over that. what???
Love Texas Style!!!