Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Boot Makers Are Home

OK - Check 'em out! Is this not the coolest two pair of boots you've seen.
I am so proud of Andy and Colt. They worked very hard (12 hour days for two solid weeks). Andy made the green pair and Colt made the purple pair. They are just fantastic. The detail work in the stitching, etc is incredible. They both stated that there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of boots made to fit your own foot. We are working on gathering the remaining equipment and supplies they will need and then they will be ready to open up to the public. If you haven't already been in Andy's shop then it's worth the trip to Cherokee. Be sure and call first -- they have made the decision to work behind locked doors so they can concentrate on their work. They will be scheduling appointments. If you are truly interested in a pair of great boots from one of these talented artists you can call Andy at 325-372-1634 and Colt at 325-372-8642.


Andy's nephew Will and his wife Sara have been blessed with twins! Boy - Leslie Allen Broyles 5lb 11 oz Girl - Lily Marie Broyles 5 lb 4 oz. Aren't they just adorable and everything went just fine. Can't wait to go see them and get my hands on 'em!

Friday, June 12, 2009


This week I have volunteered my time and "abilities" to our good friends Donna and Jack Blossman and their church on a mission project. Each year they choose a needy family in our local area and completely redo their homes. Wow! You can't believe what can get done in one week. And Wow! You can't believe how rewarding it is to be a part of it all. Everyone just comes when they have the time, after work, all day, all night - just whenever. Gracious people offered to cook 3 meals a day so they can be renourished and get back to it again. They have fund raisers and donations from locals to make it all work. So... my challenge to you...volunteer..... somewhere.....sometime....anyway....someone always needs help and it feels so good to give of yourself! No excuses either, I worked full time all week! I sure am getting tired though.

I can't wait for Andy and Colt to return home from boot making school. They have one more week to go. What a new endeavor in all of our lives. We are all excited and Andy promised to take photos of their experience. Stay tuned for more ...... Susan

Sunday, June 7, 2009


We loved receiving this thank you card for the graduation gift. If you can't make out the writing it goes like this: "Dear Fred & Susan, Thank you for the pearl-snap shirt. Love, Carter" No where else but Texas!
Good luck Carter, Fred & Susan