Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Lil' Cowgirl

I've been told I need to blog more. Okay! What else could I blog about right now. I just had to show this little cutie off. I know she's just 17 mos old now, but she is already picking out her own clothes. So - today is cowboy boot day. She had to come out and look for #9 (I posted about him earlier). He's weined now but stops by the house every now and then to say hello. She just chases him around the yard and he doesn't give a rip about her anymore. When he's not around when she comes out she calls for him constantly. Oh the country life - how could anyone raise kids any other way!

We have tt'd in the potty twice this week. Things are going good at Fred's World.

Stay tuned for "Junkerisms" by Fred. They are hilarious


Julie said...

Thank you for my sweet surprise! It made me is totally me and is hanging on a hook in my shabby pink kitchen! Hugs...Julie

trash talk said...

our little cowgirl is cute, cute, triple cute! Hurray for the pottie chair. That's a big deal and not an easy thing to master...I still fall off sometimes!

Found Around said...

Trash - You're a hoot! I love ya. I'm posting soon more photos you will love. I hope you will be able to have this much fun with your granddaughter real soon. Happy Mother's Day! Susan