Monday, May 11, 2009

Morgan and "Beans"

Friday afternoon Morgan was all dressed up and ready to go to a youth rodeo in San Saba. Great Nana B. and Robbie were taking her to see all the animals. It was so hot she was dressed in her denim shorts and boots and the bling belt that Grandad made her for her birthday. Adorable! I love this shot, I'm thinking of switching it to black and white.

Look at her thumbs in her belt!

Ok, now introducing "Beans"! He was recovered by Aunt Jimma at birth and has done really well. He is a wild hog. Morgan is feeding him his bottle. He's just like raising a baby goat. He's growing really fast. I don't know what they will do with him when he grows up. Don't worry - he gets regular baths and I don't think he'll be bacon!

We're getting a big hug here. Hope you're enjoying all this country life I'm letting you in on lately.


trash talk said...

That is just too dadgum stinking cute (and that is no reflection on the baby pig!). I love little girls in shorts and boots and yours is a cutie for sure.

The Green Pea said...

The little girl is a sweetie, get to grow up with animals and in the country. Sandi