Sunday, May 31, 2009


How about this great lot of vintage ribbon I picked up at the local thrift store!
I love all these wonderful colors. So let me know if you think I should
put it on eBay or just hang on to it until Warrenton.

I also picked up 4 great vintage dresses and you won't believe it, but
they all fit me perfectly. So now do I wear them myself or try to move them?
A couple are pretty fun and funky!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Now she's headed over to work in the garden
Picking fresh lettuce
Wow! Doesn't it look good.

Now what do we do?
Boy do we have fun or what!

More of the Country Life

Now this is just so darn cute - even if she is our granddaughter!

She's here in Nana B's chicken house snooping around.

Look at what she found!

Got 'em!

Here, do you want them back?

What simple pleasures here around Fred's world!

By the way, we still have a few hen nests left.
They are moving fast!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Andy found a trailer load of these hen nests.
We are selling them for $60.00 each. They are all the same size - 10 holes. Going fast - sold 5 yesterday. If you are interested just send us an e-mail:
We will hang on to it until you can come pick it up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Introducing my new note card line

Well, I'm still waiting on a couple of images to be fine tuned at the printer's, but I think I need to go ahead and introduce my new note card line. I guess you could say I'm a little nervous. Of course, I think they are wonderful, but will everyone else? So here I go and bite the bullet. I will merchandise the cards in a set of 10. Each set will be tied with a delicate lace for "eye candy". I have been asked to make up an assorted set so why not. If you are interested, just send me an e-mail ( with your request and I will ship them out. They are available for $15.95 per set including tax and shipping. If you are interested in an order of over $100.00, I will discount 25%. I hope you enjoy and please leave me your honest comments. I respect your input and if I need to make changes I will consider it.

This is the "Flower Girl".
She is a postcard from Paris.
The colors are just fabulous!

Next is "Easter Greetings"

Hope to nestle in your heart,
Faith it's calmness to impart.
May hope and faith with you abide,
and joyful make your Eastertide.

From France also.

and finally,

"Victorian Girl"

I love her beautiful lace dress and lace up boots. If you look real close she is holding Poinsettias, but don't consider her only as a Christmas card. I send her all the time!

Thanks for looking and I hope your enjoy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Morgan and "Beans"

Friday afternoon Morgan was all dressed up and ready to go to a youth rodeo in San Saba. Great Nana B. and Robbie were taking her to see all the animals. It was so hot she was dressed in her denim shorts and boots and the bling belt that Grandad made her for her birthday. Adorable! I love this shot, I'm thinking of switching it to black and white.

Look at her thumbs in her belt!

Ok, now introducing "Beans"! He was recovered by Aunt Jimma at birth and has done really well. He is a wild hog. Morgan is feeding him his bottle. He's just like raising a baby goat. He's growing really fast. I don't know what they will do with him when he grows up. Don't worry - he gets regular baths and I don't think he'll be bacon!

We're getting a big hug here. Hope you're enjoying all this country life I'm letting you in on lately.


Hi everyone! I have come up with a small collection of vintage cake toppers and a lovely wedding photo. I have them all up for auction on eBay. If you would like to check them out, our seller ID is: foundaroundfredsworld

I'm still planning on posting Andy's "junkerisms". They just need to be fine tuned!

Love to all, SB

Sunday, May 10, 2009


At the last minute the kids wanted to move our Mother's Day function to Fred's World. So we jumped up early this morning and starting cleaning up the place. After a couple of hours hard manual labor, we decided it was good enough for now. They all apologized of course, but we were just glad to be forced into working out there. It cleaned up really well at short notice. This first photo is an old military cot that I just threw a quilt on. Morgan enjoyed jumping on it!

Here's a shot of some old galvanized barrels Andy has loaded with bones, rocks, metal, etc. Can you pick out the armadillos, jackrabbit and lizzard?

How do you like the way I stacked the cactus plants in these old milk crates. Check out the rusty cactus on the table top.

Andy still picks up these old rusty metal chairs. He has quite an assortment now. He even found Morgan one at the Lampasas City Wide Sale. We just spread them around the entertainment area.

Instead of scrubbing down the picnic table, I threw an old quilt over the top and folded up a pair of chenille bedspreads over the benches.
We had a lovely afternoon all 20 or so of us. Great food and lots of yacking!

Happy Mother's Day Moms!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Lil' Cowgirl

I've been told I need to blog more. Okay! What else could I blog about right now. I just had to show this little cutie off. I know she's just 17 mos old now, but she is already picking out her own clothes. So - today is cowboy boot day. She had to come out and look for #9 (I posted about him earlier). He's weined now but stops by the house every now and then to say hello. She just chases him around the yard and he doesn't give a rip about her anymore. When he's not around when she comes out she calls for him constantly. Oh the country life - how could anyone raise kids any other way!

We have tt'd in the potty twice this week. Things are going good at Fred's World.

Stay tuned for "Junkerisms" by Fred. They are hilarious