Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, here we are at the big "Prom". My first time to attend. I was really looking forward to being there. I must say the evening was great! The atmosphere downtown Warrenton was wonderful. Everyone was all dressed up in their vintage/Texas western costumes. The band was great and our tour of the Junk Gypsy booth was fun too. Hope you enjoy.

Oh, first the infamous boots! I have enjoyed them so much. If you didn't already know, I bought these at Warrenton a couple of years ago.

Swinging to the tunes....

John Evans band...played 50's style music. A Buddy Holly knock off. They were great!

Everyone was pooped out! Isn't she adorable.

Like I said we all had a great time!

Craig and Teresa Smith

Well, now I can say I have been to the "Prom". It was an adventure, but everyone was so tired from fighting the wind all day, we retired without any major events! If you ever get the opportunity to attend in the future, I highly recommend the experience.