Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lovely Luncheon

This especially sweet and talented lady, Anna Wilson, invited Cynthia Weatherby (my boss) and I along with Kathleen Hawkins for lunch today in her home. Incredible!! Of course I immediately asked her if she minded me adding her home to my blog. She and her husband Ralph purchased this older home a few years back and moved to San Saba from New Mexico. She is so incredibly talented. She can do anything, sew, decorate, carpentry, masonry, and the list never ends. Oh, I almost forgot she is a very gifted artist also. She has painted several community landmarks and donated them for auctions and fund raisers. A very civic minded person, we are lucky to have her with us. Here are a few photos of her home.

Her home is a mix of old and new and all things she loves, I loved them too!!!

In this bedroom she recently added the hint of red. It's great!

She opened up the closet and made an alcove. I love the new look it gives the room, it seemed to make the room look larger.

Great old bathtub. You can't see the shower she tiled.

She made an office out of this bedroom's closet.

The dining room was all decorated for spring.

Can you see the tile work on this island. Oh, by the way, she built this island herself!

I think this was my favorite part of her home. Anna told us it to her over 5 days to rebuild this closet. She placed individual pieces of bead board because a sheet would not fit into the space. After adding the shelves it is breathtaking. If you can tell she removed the wooden panels from the door and added glass.

Oh, did I forget to mention how wonderful our meal was! After all, that is why we went. She prepared an eggplant salad, spinach quiche with fresh strawberries and dessert was orange sherbet. What a great time we had and the company was definitely enjoyed! Thank you Anna for a special treat! Your friend, Susan


Cher said...

Oh, Susan. That was a delightful tour. I enjoyed everything! Someone there is a very good watercolorist or they buy good watercolor art. Do you know which it is? Just wonderful art on the walls along with everything else. Thank you.

The Texas Woman

ajunkqueen said...

She has wonderful taste in decorating and she can cook!!!! I am so excited to have Warrenton coming up, I hope you are prepared to LAUGH!!!! Donna adn Rhonda are great people and talented! I am looking forward to be able to leave my booth and shop around I am not sure what we are going to do for help on the day of the BLOG party, MS Cano is hosting,I guess Andy and Doug will have to do it alone HUH? I came home with a speeding ticket and a case of layngitis! I am really ill when I cant talk, Sorry it wont last two weeks or at least I hope it wont..
I met a really neat couple who sell in Warrenton near the Shamrock station, can't wait to get to know them better! John and Donna Green, they even had more stuff than me......