Thursday, March 5, 2009

Booth check up

I made a quick trip to Comanche this afternoon to check on my booth. I did sell a few things, one being a little table. Naturally things were moved around and I was not prepared with a replacement. Next trip will have to be more thought out and organized. I just "had to" make a quick run through before I left and found some good vintage cake toppers and bridal photos. I'll probably e-bay them as I'm trying not to take any delicate, foo foo stuff to Warrenton. But if you really want me to bring them, just let me know. I took my first sets of note cards/stationary. This is a new endeavor for me and I'm really hoping everyone will like them. I hope to have photos of them along with new sets in the near future. It will have to be after we return from Warrenton. Wow! Makes me tired just thinking about it. Andy and I had a long discussion about our set up last night. We intend to downsize on our tent to allow more room for all that great rusty, crusty, artsy, gears, springs, garden and boy do I mean bargains. We are having a huge $$ sale. Did I say "BARGAINS". We must downsize our inventory. Be sure and come to the Bar W Field in Warrenton. We call it "Porta Potty Row", by the back exit, dirt road. We're next to Renee of A Junk Queen and new this year setting up with her is Donna of Curios Goods. Oh man I really need to get busy! Later, SB


Cher said...

Can't wait to see you two AND your bargains! I have a belt you have to see, Andy.

The Texas Woman

trash talk said...

Move it in and move it out...that's the way to do it!
Looking forward to seeing you. Debbie

ajunkqueen said...

I went to Sulphur Springs yesterday to check out the auction ane restock my booth i call ahead to talk to Tony he gives me an update on how much stuff he thinks i wiil need, so I am usually prepared for the task. I stopped in Malakoff, And Donna is bringing wonderful stuff and a lot of it! I cant wait she is so funny and we seem to get a long well! She's afraid I am to much of a party person!!!!