Monday, January 12, 2009


On New Year's Day we headed out to "Fred's World" to work on a project and out came this adorable black calf. He ran straight up to Andy like he knew who he was. It was evident he was very hungry. After a head count of all the cattle, we decided he was a twin and was deserted by the mother. So guess who adopted him and gets to bottle feed now!

Morgan thinks he's pretty neat. Since her favorite farm animal sound is moooo, we couldn't wait for her to see him.

We had to be very careful because #9 (year 2009) is very serious about that bottle.

When he's finished with his bottle we make a run for the door. He makes a b-line and sucks on the door knob! I know it's just a matter of time before he figures out how to open the door. I guess if that does happen, he will just have to be banned from the front yard and into the pasture.


ajunkqueen said...

Love the story, I bet that calf knew Andy would help him, I guess he can join the group of cows that follow the goat around, better keep door locked.

Found Around said...

Yes! I forgot about the goat. I guess I think he's a cow as much as he does. ha

Cher said...

A doorknob sucker? I'm tellin' my friends that used to own a dairy that one. Bet it's a new to them too!

The Texas Woman