Friday, January 16, 2009


ok, we're tired of looking at this heap of "fine" antiques and collectibles. Having good intentions of opening up in our own building just isn't working out. We keep piling stuff in the door, and besides that we don't want to spend our weekends tied down with a store. We'd much rather spend the weekends with our granddaughters! Who wouldn't! My questions to all of you is: How do I find a good place to sell from? I'm thinking about checking out Comanche, Tx. We go through there everytime we go see the kids so it would be convenient as far as travels. For those of you who don't know, we live in a remote area at least 50 minutes to the closest Walmart. Antique sales in our area are just not the rave. So for decent sales we have to go out of our area. Sorry, I'm rambling. So, if I checked out booth spaces what kinds of questions do I need to ask about the shops? I know they are all going to try and sell themselves. How do I find out for sure how the sales are in this area? I would appreciate any comments or recommendations in your area of expertise. Would even consider Dublin, Stephenville, etc. Later, SB


ajunkqueen said...

When we visited you folks, we stopped in Llano, they seemed to have a couple of good places to shop, along the river we bought something, Doug bought moose antlers, but we thought that place was a cute place to located, The Commanche location, on the way somewhere would be good. I drive 220 miles one way, to my mall space, but I do well there, and like the owners a lot. how far is Georgetown?

Found Around said...

Georgetown is about 1oo miles east. The Llano girls say it's real slow.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I'm in the same dilema. I've been looking for a place for a while and have finally narrowed my options down to about 2 spots. Both are at least 2 1/2 hrs. from my house. The first is Austin, but the shop I want to be in doesn't have any space! This would be more convenient when we visit our son. The second location is near Dallas and I'm planning a trip soon to check it out. Whether things is selling is a definate plus for me and I'm being more cautious about where to move into, because I don't want to pay rent and see no return. Good luck and see you soon!

Jackie said...

Hi, this is kind of late (and I'm new to your blog-Hi there!) but this is the stuff I asked when I thought about renting a booth space:

What was the security like? Do they have camera's, do people walk around and check on things etc?

What forms of payment do they take? Do they get a % of the money from your sold merchandise? How about using credit cards? They cost money (anywhere from 2-6 %) who pays that? Who absorbs the cost of a bounced check? What if someone steals something from your booth?

Do they pack and ship for you?

Can you work a shift in the shop in exchange for booth rent?

How high up can you put display items?

Do you need insurance of any kind or do they provide insurance?

If the shop promotes a sale (like for Christmas) do all vendors in the shop have to participate, if so, do you get to set your sale % or does the shop set it for everyone?

Do they have good parking? Is there someone to help customers carry heavy items to their cars/trucks?

Do they have any stats on how many customers they've had over the last year?

Do you have to sign a binding contract for a certain # of months or can you rent month to month?

That's the kind of stuff I'd be asking about-just my opinion.

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ajunkqueen said...

I am glsd that you told me what was going, and you had a good doc, given a treatment plan. i have gotten estate sale to do Cher will help some.Doug is going to help also, I need a cashier.