Wednesday, January 21, 2009


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I finally found the photos I had ordered from the photographer after our daughter's wedding reception from almost two years ago. I had just decided I had thrown them away in amongst the Christmas wrapping last (07) Christmas. But... I did find them this Christmas put away neatly with my Christmas cards. Don't know how they ended up there, but you know how wild it gets around this time of year. So, here are a few photos I thought you might enjoy.

Brides table: Hanging on the fence panels is Lacy's Halloween Costume (a bride of course) from years earlier. Nana B. made it for her out of vintage curtain panels. On the right side is the wedding veil I wrote about earlier that was in my Mamaw's house. The tablecloth was crocheted by my Mamaw also. Lacy favorite cake is cheese cake. Jaec's stepmother, Teresa made these and they were to die for. We set them up on tiers. The mint and nut dishes were Andy's grandmothers, Nannie. My Kansas Grandma sent her hankie and a few pieces of jewelry. Lacy wore my Mom's pearl necklace on her wrist. We topped it all off with fresh squeezed lemonade and fresh roses that my sister helped with. Thank you Sis if I forgot to tell you! I was such a sentimental treat! I just love looking at it.
Grooms table: We wrapped the table with hunting net. I used an old minnow bucket and decorated with flowers. Jaec is an avid hunter so anything goes here. We had a stuffed quail, fishing lures, an old cap. His sentimental additions were his first bb gun, the shredded U.S. flag that hung at his grandfathers home for years, a lantern and more. His mother, Melissa, had the cake made right along with the antlers. I thought they both turned our really great!
The food tables: We used 2 old pine table and used blue enamel serving pieces. Decorated with red bandanas throughout. I took old metal tubs and lined with bandana fabric and placed the Mason jars in them for tea. We placed wagon wheels and hay around, along with strings of lights and tiki lamps. Andy and I really had a great time decorating. Did I fail to mention what a fantastic yard Andy's parents have? Robert and Sue had 2 weddings that year and worked everyday getting everything ready. If you ever come through Cherokee you can't miss their home. It's the big white house downtown with the amazing yard. I can't leave without bragging on Colt and all the kin for cooking the wild hog, brisket, sausage, etc. He should go in the catering business. It was fantastic!
Oh, I almost forgot the bride & groom!!
Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, January 16, 2009


ok, we're tired of looking at this heap of "fine" antiques and collectibles. Having good intentions of opening up in our own building just isn't working out. We keep piling stuff in the door, and besides that we don't want to spend our weekends tied down with a store. We'd much rather spend the weekends with our granddaughters! Who wouldn't! My questions to all of you is: How do I find a good place to sell from? I'm thinking about checking out Comanche, Tx. We go through there everytime we go see the kids so it would be convenient as far as travels. For those of you who don't know, we live in a remote area at least 50 minutes to the closest Walmart. Antique sales in our area are just not the rave. So for decent sales we have to go out of our area. Sorry, I'm rambling. So, if I checked out booth spaces what kinds of questions do I need to ask about the shops? I know they are all going to try and sell themselves. How do I find out for sure how the sales are in this area? I would appreciate any comments or recommendations in your area of expertise. Would even consider Dublin, Stephenville, etc. Later, SB

Monday, January 12, 2009


Morgans daddy made himself this great steak sandwich. After just a few bites, somebody thought it should be hers. Of course at this age she had to do it herself. That cute little dress was not so cute after the snack. But she sure was!


On New Year's Day we headed out to "Fred's World" to work on a project and out came this adorable black calf. He ran straight up to Andy like he knew who he was. It was evident he was very hungry. After a head count of all the cattle, we decided he was a twin and was deserted by the mother. So guess who adopted him and gets to bottle feed now!

Morgan thinks he's pretty neat. Since her favorite farm animal sound is moooo, we couldn't wait for her to see him.

We had to be very careful because #9 (year 2009) is very serious about that bottle.

When he's finished with his bottle we make a run for the door. He makes a b-line and sucks on the door knob! I know it's just a matter of time before he figures out how to open the door. I guess if that does happen, he will just have to be banned from the front yard and into the pasture.