Sunday, December 27, 2009


My new header made me think of all the New Year's resolutions we will all be doing. Do you have your list typed up yet? I can't say that I'm much on resolutions, but I know I should start with increasing my church attendance. It has been so easy to get out of rhythm. I have enjoyed being able to spend more time at home and get some things more organized. I am in the wonderful and exciting stages of coming up with a fun new project! I need to do some more research, but I think it's gonna be a good one for my soul. Andy and Colt will launch the opening of their boot shop the first of the year. I think Andy has moved things around plenty of times now and he should have it all where he wants it. Wish them luck!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Vintage Christmas Home

Sally joins us in welcoming you to our home. Doesn't she look great in her new suit!
New petticoat, boots and a bling belt. What else could a major manni ask for.
She is so tall I had to drag her out in the middle of the room for the photo shoot.

Here are a few little pieces I've "Found Around"

This old painting is my favorite. It's signed: Ruth, Dec 25, 46.
It's rough and rickety but wonderful.

My pastel tree

My traditional tree

Hope your enjoyed the tiny tour. Have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

More Christmas

Here are some items I have added to the Etsy shop. This metal tray is engraved with Merry Christmas, but the glare from the camera flash doesn't show it very well.

This flocked wreath is in the original box!

Cute little apron

I love these beautifully perched red birds

Cherubs or angels playing musical instruments

Mr and Mrs Snowman - adorable

Small lanterns, can't wait to see them lit up!

Bad photo of retro candy dishes

Cutie Santa

set of 3 Santa candles

I'm still trying to get them all listed. Made my first sale today!
Keep checking back to see all the goodies!

I will show off my decorations soon. Susan

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's christmas time again!

When I got home from work on Friday evening, Lacy and the girls had been here dragging out all my Christmas decorations. Supper was in the oven, so I didn't have any excuse other than to dig in and get started. I have ended up with my pickup, front and back seat, packed full of vintage Christmas decorations I found at our local resale shop. Since they say I'm their "best customer" (imagine that), they called me for an early preview, before their sale. I enjoyed the privilege of
helping drag it out and going through all the boxes that have been stored up all year. What fun! I am so glad to add to my vintage collection. I will have lots of these items in my Etsy shop. Please keep checking back as I get them all added. It does take time you know. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy them until they sell.

This was a surprise early Christmas present! Custom made stocking by Lacy!

An hour had probably gone by before I noticed this lamp shade. Lacy made it with remnants from my lace drawer and vintage decorations. It looks so great all lit up. I'll show you some of my new goodies and my decorated home in the days to come.

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I am working on my "studio/junk room" to be more productive through the winter months. I will be selling on Etsy and Ebay. No more shows until spring. I'm just flat worn out! Soon.....Susan

Friday, November 20, 2009


Since I'm just flat worn out from all the shows I've been doing, I have decided to open an Etsy shop to move some items for the next few months. I posted my first item last night. Be sure and check it out and I will be adding more items later. My shop address is

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Here are a few shots from our space at The Fredericksburg Show.

This hen nest sleeps 27! HHEEAAVVYY!

I loved this old industrial chair. SOLD!
We are tired and ready to crash.
Hope you had a good weekend. Soon....Susan

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fredericksburg Show

We're on our way to the Fredericksburg, TX show. Wish us luck!
We are tired and weary. Why is it such hard work doing the things we
love? I'll take photos while I'm there. Soon.....Susan

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Look at the great little patio table we picked up this past weekend. Our friend has moved her mother to town and is working on cleaning up and having a big sale this weekend. She was nice enough to let us come early and look. We ended up helping her all weekend. We must really love this girl!! And yes, we really do!! I'll take a few more shots of the other goodies we loaded soon. By the way, do you think I should recover the red seats or just leave them for someone else.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Our junk pumpin (Morgan and Paige helped)

Here are a few shots from this year's Super Saturday in Cherokee. We didn't have as big of crowd as we did last year, but we all had a good time and made the best of it!

This wicker bassonette is wonderful.

Great zebra hide

I have commited to a space at the Texas Presentations Antique Show in Fredericksburg on November 14 & 15. I haven't ever been to this show. Have any of you? I'm a bit nervous after yesterday's crowd. I plan on making Texas star ornaments and cater to the tourists. Maybe the smalls will pull me through! If you are in that area, be sure and come see us. Also, November 7th is the city wide sale in Lampasas on the courthouse square. We have found this to be a good place to buy and sell. Maybe we'll see you there. Soon.....Susan

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Come on over and see all the craftsmen and artisans in Cherokee. Saturday October 24th 10:00 to 4:00. Of course we will be set up with our antiques and collectibles in the warehouse behind Marble Creek Mercantile. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Isn't she just gorgeous!

She was my big purchase at the auction. The little lady told me she (the mannequin) was in a display window downtown (Brownwood) when she was a teenager. Years later she bought her at an auction. She's so lovely and graceful.

Look at those sexy legs! She stands approx 30"tall.

But darn, she's missing an arm!
The hat she's dressed with covers up the amputation quite gracefully.
As much as I would love to keep her, she is for sale. If interest just send me an e-mail


Andy hit a fantastic auction this weekend. After 3 pick-up and one trailer load, we finally just had to call it quits. His favorite thing is to purchase the contents of out buildings. You never know what you're gonna end up with. Most of the time it's a home run! He was just so tired and worn out, we left quite a bit behind. This sign is one of many items he snatched. Stay tuned for more photos, I haven't even seen all of it yet.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Meet my friend Cynthia. Back in the early 70's she and her husband ordered matching custom boots from Ray Jones in Lampasas, TX. She has worn them only a few times. We (the girls at work) have finally convinced her to drag them out and wear them. She found them in the top of her closet still in the original box. Doesn't she look great!
Here's a closer look. Soon....Susan

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home safe and sound

Well, it was a hard weekend, but we got it done. After the 5" or more of rain it was definitely LOAD time. Andy left out on Friday so he and Colt could attend the annual Boot and Saddle Makers Round up in Wichita Falls. He took one trailer load home with him. After slashing prices, I moved a lot of merchandise and was able to get it all packed up. We went with 4 pick-up and trailer loads and came home with just 2. YES 2. I think that means we did well. I'm off to work on the pile of stuff we dumped in the floor! Soon.....Susan

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here are a few shots of some new smalls I found. A great mountain scene (I love the colors for fall), a knitting basket, ironstone platter, John and Robert Kennedy print, a paint by number Lords Supper framed, a cute wire basket and 2 California winemakers recipe books.

This adorable mink jacket.

Really cute vintage pant suit.

4 decks of playing cards

A stack of 1987 Country Living magazines. I'm curious to see what the styles were back then.

I have to tell you a junkin' story about an auction. Our neighbor Tammy and I went to scope out an upcoming auction. As we all do, we picked out our boxes, covered up all the good stuff, and stuck them back in the corner. Since I wasn't able to be there I put my initials on 3 boxes so she would know which ones were mine. The next day she called and mentioned that some of our boxes had been moved around and that someone elses initials were on one of my boxes. I told her not to worry about it. If I didn't get the box it just wasn't meant to be. Now, since I'm the best customer of our local thift store, when there is something vintage they know I will like, they give me a call to come look. I found this really great ironstone platter still in the box. I grabbed it up (amoung other items) and headed home. Once home, I grabbed the platter to check it out really good and then I looked down at the box. There were my initials on the box along with JR initials also. Today at work, my friend Julie Robertson stopped in and told me about the box she had bought with platters in it. AAHH!! Those were her intials on my box!! She had only wanted the pink platter and donated the remaining items to the thrift store. Can you believe how things come back around to you. That's a God thing if you ask me. It was meant to be. Sorry this is so long but thought you might enjoy the situation. Soon....Susan

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall 2009 Blog Party

Lulu You Missed Out!
Cher and Teresa

Cat Daddy and Deb - thanks for the coozies! Prrrr.....

Renee and Debbie

Stan Williams at the book signing table.
He wrote "The Find". Of course we always have to
get our books.

We all had a great time! Teresa Cano is always the most gracious hostess!
I'm sorry I couldn't have stayed any longer, but duty called.