Sunday, December 28, 2008


One afternoon, while anticipating the birth or our second grand-daughter, I wandered into our daughter's transformed bedroom. Now called the baby room, is full of sentimental treasures. This bedroom suite was inherited from great,great-aunt Mattie. The hand stitched quilt was made by great, great grandmother Mammaw. The darling lamp shade I found at an estate sale. It is simply an older shade with rows of pink lace glued to it. It is just girly special.

I have found myself in "baby mode". Seems like everything I look at now is antique baby.

The wedding veil was found at great,great grandmother's. All us girls played with it. Special memories. If you can see on the dresser is a black jewelry case with her "jewels" inside. Her worn out beaded evening purse.
These embroidered animals were done by my children when they were little. They were taught to stitch by their Grandmother Broyles.

Here is a collection of vintage dresses I have found. Just feels pretty good to go back there and look around. I hope we can leave these special memories for our grand-children.

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ajunkqueen said...

Love all the special things in that BABY room.