Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up on Warrenton

Here's a crew! Andy (Found Around Fred's World), Andrea Huff (Lulu Red Star), Lauri (Crackhead) Evans, Suzanne Duda (Pink Roses), Susan (Found Around), and Rene Jackson (A Junk Queen)

Lulu's little quirk of smelling vintage hand bags. She said she was reminiscing the smell of her grandmother's bags.

This was Riley, she will be a veteran junker some day! She was wheeling and dealing!
Andy & I down town
If you missed Billy Barnett playing his harmonica in our booth you really did miss a good show. He can come up with some winners!!
This was the great band that comes to the 3rd Base Bar in downtown Warrenton. They are wonderful and draw a big crowd.
John Gray and Robin (Magnolia Pearl) Brown. I purchased her new book last week in Llano. It is a wonderful book! Andy & I couldn't sleep for 2 nights because of all the inspiration she gave us! She pushes you to follow your heart and dreams and be creative. Great one to grab up. I think I'll be done with Warrenton now, except, it will soon be time to start working on the spring show!! Love to all


We decorated our front porch last week. A little late, but we had fun doing it anyway. Got it done just in time for our favorite trick or treater!

Morgan's favorite part was the tractor and the acorns!
You know how much Andy loves springs (rusty metal)

A cow took a good chunk out of one of my pumpkins! Hope you enjoyed.