Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, I guess you could say we've had a Warrenton hangover. We were so exhausted when we got home. Everything has been turned upside down and all around! We have rushed into getting ready for the big Cherokee Super Saturday last weekend. It was a one day event of arts & crafts, etc. We decided to take advantage of the day and set up our old station with an antique store. This has been on our minds for quite some time. We did accomplish part of the goal - only the front room "got it together". I ended up having to put up a curtain and close off the back room. One week was just not enough time to go through all the endless piles of junk. I was afraid to move one single thing in there. It was so crammed full I though it would all just fall out the door! I took a few photos, I will get them uploaded soon.

This is a Texas piece Andy sold that came right out of our bedroom. His clothes were literally piled in the floor! Thankfully, we now have re-arranged some furniture and he's all set up again.

Here are some more photos I took:
This man said he had 3 of these old trikes. It was really nice!

This shot just shows that you can find anything and everything out here in junk world! This guy had this hand sticking out of his backpack!

More to come soon!

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