Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, once again old Brownie got us there. Andy promised her she could retire after this show if she would just get us there! Boy did we bring some loads! I drove the van packed up and Andy's uncle pulled the cargo trailer. My dad had room in the back of his pickup so we just filled it up too!! We decided to hire out the unpacking and those guys (2 of them) put us to shame. What took us days to load took them 1 hour to unload. We were so glad to see all our friends (family now). We had missed them all. We were concerned about how the show would go, (with the hurricane and the economy being bumpy) but so far it's been ok. Being as I had to come home and get back to the real job, I'll have a little time to post. Andy rode back home with me last week and filled up the van again. I sure hope we can sell bunches of junk so I won't have to find a place for it all when we get home. To anyone thinking about going and shopping, just hurry and get there! The weather has been very warm, but this week is supposed to be better. Don't miss out on lots of fun! There is something going on somewhere the entire time. This past weekend we attended the party at Leftovers in Brenham. There was a book signing there by the wonderful Mary Emmerling. We also met her husband Reggie and had a wonderful visit. The store was unbelievable as usual. I'll post more as the days progress.

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