Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lawrence, Kansas

Recently my Grandmother has been relocated to an assisted living complex.  Another good reason to go see her is our 8 month old granddaughter with whom Grandma hasn't been able to meet yet.  So for the July 4th weekend Morgan, our daughter Lacy, my mother Charlotte, my niece Lauren and myself loaded up for a fast trip.  If you counted we have 5 generations.  Something we are proud of.  We had a great time, took lots of pictures and of course had to check out all the yard sales!  Here are a couple of shots of the goodies I found....406138-R1-035-16_016 I found this vintage wedding dress for $20.00.  It was purchased in 1969 and never worn.  I guess she changed her mind about the guy!  Lacy and Lauren both had fun modeling for me in Grandma's back yard.  406139-R1-045-21_021 Other fun angelic print in the back, 2 pieces of glass, hunting dog paint by numbers, pink light globe, pink clutch purse, old photos, 1969 baby book, jewelry and gold metal mirror and a surprise for Andy...vintage leather crafting books.   Not pictured was a cute little ceramic Dachshund door stop. 

406138-R1-021-9_009and of course the 5 generations!!!


While visiting we stayed in Grandma's house.  Wow, the things you don't ever pay much attention to!  Walking through the house brings back so many wonderful memories!  I will always remember waking up in the mornings to Grandma and Grandpa talking and the wonderful aroma of her coffee.  No one can do it better!  I love you Grandma          Susan


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Hey Girlfriend! what a sweet story about your family. love the photo of the five generations!
So glad we'll be able to keep up with you via the blog.
will u b next to Renee????
xoxo lulu

cher said...

Congratulations on your new blog. Can't wait to see more. Show us your home place and some of Andy's leather work.


Found Around said...

Hi Cher...Andy promises to get you some pictures rounded up of his leather goods. He also offers free tours of the saddle shop and Fred's World. Come anytime - call first!! Hope to see you soon. Susan

Found Around said...

Lulu & Lauri - Thanks for all your help. Yes, we'll be right next to Renee. See ya there.