Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fast Christmas!

Being as I was away with the new baby and came home a little under the weather, I didn't have much time to go all out. I have been saving some vintage items and thought this would be a great year to break them in. I have always decorated western/rustic. This is the best shot I could get of the tree. Maybe someday I can get a better camera to take close up shots. Last year I bought a ziploc bag of 5 glass light bulbs. 3 Santas, 1 star and the cow that jumped over the moon. This bag was $1 !! It's one of those deals where you grab it and run!

I filled this silver tray with glass balls.

My little hutch is decorated with chocolate molds and mugs, etc.

This silver service was my grandmother's. It was in a fire and just absolutely will not polish. If anyone has any tips, please let me know. So with all of it's "charm" I just put it out anyway!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything you wanted. Even a "hangdown" if you wished! Happy New Year to everyone.


Yes, we have been blessed with our second grand-daughter. Let me introduce you to Rayleigh Jo Hardman, born December 11, 2008, 6lbs 10 oz. 19 1/2". Perfect in every way.

Honey thinks she's pretty special!

Well, I guess Grandad does too!

In fact, he thinks they're both pretty special. Does he look proud or what!

I saved up some vacation time and was able to stay a week with the girls while dad was working. The girls are 13 months apart and mom has some "fun" ahead of her. Naturally we are on call and will run whenever she calls for some relief! Love to all, Susan


One afternoon, while anticipating the birth or our second grand-daughter, I wandered into our daughter's transformed bedroom. Now called the baby room, is full of sentimental treasures. This bedroom suite was inherited from great,great-aunt Mattie. The hand stitched quilt was made by great, great grandmother Mammaw. The darling lamp shade I found at an estate sale. It is simply an older shade with rows of pink lace glued to it. It is just girly special.

I have found myself in "baby mode". Seems like everything I look at now is antique baby.

The wedding veil was found at great,great grandmother's. All us girls played with it. Special memories. If you can see on the dresser is a black jewelry case with her "jewels" inside. Her worn out beaded evening purse.
These embroidered animals were done by my children when they were little. They were taught to stitch by their Grandmother Broyles.

Here is a collection of vintage dresses I have found. Just feels pretty good to go back there and look around. I hope we can leave these special memories for our grand-children.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up on Warrenton

Here's a crew! Andy (Found Around Fred's World), Andrea Huff (Lulu Red Star), Lauri (Crackhead) Evans, Suzanne Duda (Pink Roses), Susan (Found Around), and Rene Jackson (A Junk Queen)

Lulu's little quirk of smelling vintage hand bags. She said she was reminiscing the smell of her grandmother's bags.

This was Riley, she will be a veteran junker some day! She was wheeling and dealing!
Andy & I down town
If you missed Billy Barnett playing his harmonica in our booth you really did miss a good show. He can come up with some winners!!
This was the great band that comes to the 3rd Base Bar in downtown Warrenton. They are wonderful and draw a big crowd.
John Gray and Robin (Magnolia Pearl) Brown. I purchased her new book last week in Llano. It is a wonderful book! Andy & I couldn't sleep for 2 nights because of all the inspiration she gave us! She pushes you to follow your heart and dreams and be creative. Great one to grab up. I think I'll be done with Warrenton now, except, it will soon be time to start working on the spring show!! Love to all


We decorated our front porch last week. A little late, but we had fun doing it anyway. Got it done just in time for our favorite trick or treater!

Morgan's favorite part was the tractor and the acorns!
You know how much Andy loves springs (rusty metal)

A cow took a good chunk out of one of my pumpkins! Hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, I guess you could say we've had a Warrenton hangover. We were so exhausted when we got home. Everything has been turned upside down and all around! We have rushed into getting ready for the big Cherokee Super Saturday last weekend. It was a one day event of arts & crafts, etc. We decided to take advantage of the day and set up our old station with an antique store. This has been on our minds for quite some time. We did accomplish part of the goal - only the front room "got it together". I ended up having to put up a curtain and close off the back room. One week was just not enough time to go through all the endless piles of junk. I was afraid to move one single thing in there. It was so crammed full I though it would all just fall out the door! I took a few photos, I will get them uploaded soon.

This is a Texas piece Andy sold that came right out of our bedroom. His clothes were literally piled in the floor! Thankfully, we now have re-arranged some furniture and he's all set up again.

Here are some more photos I took:
This man said he had 3 of these old trikes. It was really nice!

This shot just shows that you can find anything and everything out here in junk world! This guy had this hand sticking out of his backpack!

More to come soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is our son's car. He is trying to sell it on e-bay right now. If you love classic cars, check it out! It is truly an awesome ride. I promise I will add some more Warrenton photos soon. We are just flat worn out and trying to spend time with Ms. Granddaughter! Love to all, Susan

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was so lucky to find these boots last fall here at Warrenton. Can you believe they were a great color and they fit perfect! Now were they meant to be or what? I wore them this weekend to the Leftovers party. We had a great time! See, you never know what you're gonna find out here! There's something for everyone. Get out here and check it out! Susan

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sunday afternoon Teresa of Garden Antqs Vintage hosted a blog party. We had a wonderful time and Teresa had a lovely table set for us with wine and Hors D'oeuvres. Here are a few photos from the party. I enjoyed meeting every single one of you ladies and I hope to see you all again very soon. Andy & I have gained so much knowledge and inspiration from the new blog world. Thanks to everyone who contributes. Love to all, Susan

Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, once again old Brownie got us there. Andy promised her she could retire after this show if she would just get us there! Boy did we bring some loads! I drove the van packed up and Andy's uncle pulled the cargo trailer. My dad had room in the back of his pickup so we just filled it up too!! We decided to hire out the unpacking and those guys (2 of them) put us to shame. What took us days to load took them 1 hour to unload. We were so glad to see all our friends (family now). We had missed them all. We were concerned about how the show would go, (with the hurricane and the economy being bumpy) but so far it's been ok. Being as I had to come home and get back to the real job, I'll have a little time to post. Andy rode back home with me last week and filled up the van again. I sure hope we can sell bunches of junk so I won't have to find a place for it all when we get home. To anyone thinking about going and shopping, just hurry and get there! The weather has been very warm, but this week is supposed to be better. Don't miss out on lots of fun! There is something going on somewhere the entire time. This past weekend we attended the party at Leftovers in Brenham. There was a book signing there by the wonderful Mary Emmerling. We also met her husband Reggie and had a wonderful visit. The store was unbelievable as usual. I'll post more as the days progress.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Andy has been after me to get Gertrude introduced to everyone. Remember that sale a while back where we hauled off 2 pickup and trailer loads? Well, she came from there! She is injured, but he loves her just the same. She just looks wonderful down at "Fred's World" by the garden fence. Best part she and the base only cost $7 Sure was heavy though, but when it comes to Fred's rocks, there's no stopping him!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


OK, you junk jewelry girls! I have been collecting all this stuff so I can make some jewelry of my own and guess what? How in the world did I think I would have the time! So, therefore, I am going to pack it all up and cater to all you girls!! Yes, come check out our booth at Bar W Field at Warrenton. We call our row the "Porta Potty Row". It doesn't officially have a row number, but it is at the northeast corner at the EXIT to the Farm Road. If you know where Renee Jackson's booth is, we join her. If you still can't find us, just ask someone where Cowboy Andy & Susan are. Andy is creating some awesome art work. Can't wait to show you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Andy makes the best pecan pie! He uses his aunt's recipe so he can't take all the credit, but man he can put the scald on it!! See how organized he starts out. (He didn't know I took this picture) We wiped it out so fast, I didn't even get to snap a photo of the finished product! Notice our Texas Ware bowl? I counted 12 in the cabinet now. 3 different sizes. Wandering how to date them. Andy did a little research and found they still made them up in the 90's. Does anyone out there know much more about them? We just love all the colors.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Party Girl!

I bought Sally a new dress and all she did was pout because she couldn't go out on Saturday night!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun day in Austin

Being as we celebrated another anniversary this week, we decided to take a little trip to Austin and stop in on Steve at Uncommon Objects. He has purchased items from us in the past and we have always wanted to see his store. We were not disappointed!! We loved it. We did have the opportunity to visit with him and thoroughly enjoyed the "adventure"!! This display made me think of the Chippy's girls! I took a few other photos, but my camera just doesn't do it for us!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Website Launched!

Well, we needed to get our website published before the end of the month or loose all of our hard work. So without it being as detailed as we would like, it's up and running. I know I need to add lots more, but all this work getting ready for Warrenton has kept me from all the small details. Please check us out at I sure hope you enjoy and please check back with us later in the fall. We will post retail items I promise. Susan

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